CustomVisionPredictionClient reporting incorrect BoundingBox dimensions

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I am using Microsoft.Azure.CognitiveServices.Vision.CustomVision.Prediction 2.0.0 package to perform custom vision predictions. It succeeds, except the detected bounding boxes are reporting WAY too small, like fractions of a pixel in size. When I do a quick test of my model on it appears to work as intended but in my application I get bad results.User's image

 var predictionResultTask = customClient.DetectImageUrlAsync(VisionConfiguration.PredictionProject, VisionConfiguration.ObjDetectionModelName, imgUrl);

 var resultTask = imgClient.AnalyzeAsync(imageContent: imgUri, visualFeatures: VisualFeatures.Read | VisualFeatures.Tags);

 await Task.WhenAll(predictionResultTask, resultTask);

 var ocrResult = resultTask.Result.Value;
 var predictionResult = predictionResultTask.Result; // <-- this is the result I'm looking at

User's image

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    Those values are a percentage of the original image size so there is no actual problem. I'll leave this question here in case someone is as dumb as me.

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