PDF with korean standard font not recognized

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Hi, I am having trouble with pdfs containing korean text. This korean text is using two different fonts. One of those is embedded into the pdf, the other seems to be a well-known standard font family called "Gulim", which is not embedded. To even see the text locally, I had to install the supplemental korean font package (windows optional feature). Both the prebuilt-read and prebuilt-invoice models (in all api versions) read the embedded font just fine, but the text using the standard font is completely missing. Is there anything I can do about this? Do I have to enable CJK fonts somewhere for this to work? As a workaround, I have identified that a rendered version of the pdf does indeed work, but I would prefer using pdfs due to the smaller file size, faster processing time, and since I also use location data in physical dimensions, I do not have to convert all points from pixels to inches.

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