How to disable auto break execution when using vsjitdebugger.exe

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When using Visual Studio Just In Time Debugger (vsjitdebugger.exe) the debugger breaks execution of the attached program automatically on startup. How can I disable this?

The debugger is paused in exe_winmain.cpp:

extern "C" DWORD WinMainCRTStartup(LPVOID)
{ // <-- debugger paused here
    return __scrt_common_main();`

Note, I followed the following guide to automatically start my program with debugger attached.

I am in need of this to automate finding a bug at startup that only occurs very infrequently.
I have a script to start up the application with debugger attached. If bug occurs then process execution will be paused by the debugger breakpoint. If it does not occur the application will exit and the scripts will launch the process again.
However, vsjitdebugger.exe automatically pausing program execution is stopping me from automating the process.

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Visual Studio Debugging
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    I don't know if vsjitdebugger.exe has an option to disable the initial breakpoint but you can accomplish this objective if you use windbg as the IFEO debugger and pass the -g parameter.

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