Retrieving Snowflake data using ODBC DSN based Linked Server connection not rendering UNICODE properly in MS-SSMS

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I am trying to read Snowflake data in MS-SSMS using ODBC DSN based Linked Server connection. Non-Latin characters are showing up as box or arrow symbols rather than what it is. I could insert / view non-Latin chars in simple SQL insert statements properly. Why DSN based data retrieval of unicode is not working here. What is the work-around?

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  1. CosmogHong-MSFT 19,906 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor

    Hi @

    Try to enable Unicode SQL Types function on the ODBC driver.See this similar thread: On SSMS, ODBC linked server queries show unicode text data. Best regards, Cosmog Hong

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  2. Erland Sommarskog 98,636 Reputation points

    Here is one thing that you can try (although I'm not overly optimistic):

    EXEC sp_serveroption SNOWFLAKE_PROD, 'use remote collation', true
    EXEC sp_serveroption SNOWFLAKE_PROD, 'Latin1_General_100_CI_AS_SC_UTF8'

    As I mentioned, I don't have access to Snowflake, but I did some experiments with MySQL which also requires MSDASQL + ODBC. When I tried some Greek characters, they came through just fine.

    To note, though, is that there are two versions of the MySQL Driver: There is the ANSI driver and the Unicode driver. My Greek characters worked with the Unicode driver. With the ANSI driver I got all question marks. And that is not at all surprising: that's the normal fallback character when no other good fallback is available. But you got 0x1A, which is a non-standard choice for a fallback.

    I don't know if there is a similar issue with the Snowflake ODBC driver.

    I'm also a little curious what happens if you try the work räksmörgås. This word has three Swedish characters that are in the code page of your collation. Are they also distorted?