The recyle Bin on C:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty Recyle Bin for this drive? 0 Reputation points

The recyle Bin on C:\ is corrupted. Do you want to empty Recyle Bin for this drive? I say NO!!!!! it seem that when I choose yes the windows system drive, window apps, vital programing is deleted by choosing Yes. please help fixing this problem. It seem as a hidden network is attacking my harddrive making my start up crash for the 25th time. I have reload starting from the beginning to many time. It is criminal Modus Operndia ie MO where a Victim is set up for the user to authorize delete vital programing when selecting yes. It open over and over when opening windows explore. please help figure out how to beat these hidden criminal network Microsoft partnership Frauding Microsoft.

Microsoft Defender for Identity
Microsoft Defender for Identity
A Microsoft service that helps protect enterprise hybrid environments from multiple types of advanced, targeted cyberattacks and insider threats.
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    Here is the solution for your peace of mind. Follow the video. The three steps are authentic solution that work. The next step is AI door engineering of Automated Intelligence read the audit Proxy log to determine what causing the problem. Then the system on failure audit can delete the problem while writing the definition of failure.

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    It would great if Microsoft engineer a little AI programing, where when the question is answered, confirming the solution works from the original person, then Bing turn into the publishing company only providing searchable learn post that have been closed and answered with the solution that worked. AI intellectual Property helping Microsoft Valuation is a Madison Intellectual property entitled owner to Automation Intelligence “ie” AI powered by Https://OfficeDoor.US

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    It would be great if Microsoft added a little bit of AI to Learn hosting domain. If they simply added to Learn the Ability to close a question with an option of this solution authentically worked. Then Bing turns into a publishing company only providing the searches of answered question that worked. Then people would receive only the question that are closed with an authentic solution. Bing turning into a publishing division will bring valuation to Microsoft. All Automated Intelligence ie AI is Madison Intellectual Property entitled Owner powered by Https://

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