Cost to move data from Azure file shares to Azure blob storage

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We're looking to optimise our costs further by implementing a CDN as Azure File Shares are relatively expensive and CDN only supports blob storage accounts and had the below questions -

  • Is it free to move data from an Azure File Share to Azure Blob Container given that it is from Azure to Azure or do the standard read operation costs for file shares and the standard write operation for blob containers apply?
  • If not, any recommendations on the cheapest way to move the files across?
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    Hello RSKenzz,

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    Adding to above response, when transferring data within the Azure cloud (from Azure File Share to Azure Blob Container), there is no additional charge for the data transfer itself. Since it’s within the same Azure region, you won’t incur any egress or ingress fees but would incur a standard read/write operation cost.

    Consider Azure Storage Mover, which is a relatively new, fully managed migration service that enables you to migrate your files and folders to Azure Storage while minimizing downtime for your workload which can be used for large size data transfer refer -  

    With Storage Mover, you can migrate data between specific source-target pairs:

    • NFS share on a NAS or server device within your network to an Azure blob container.
    • SMB share to an Azure file share.

    Remember to assess your specific requirements and choose the method that best aligns with your workload and budget  

    Hope this answer helps. Please let us know if you have any further queries. I’m happy to assist you further.

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    I would expect there would be standard read/write costs associated to Azure (even though it is internal to Azure itself). The best thing is to find a folder with some files (smaller) and use AzCopy to migrate from one resource to another:

    AzCopy.exe /Source:{*URL to source container*} /Dest:{*URL to dest container*} /SourceKey:{*key1*} /DestKey:{*key2*} /S

    Code cited from

    I don't see any other way you could move the files from one service to another programmatically (or easily).

    Get started with AzCopy

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