I am interested in a Geospacial Dataset - It can be static

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I am not interested in making an app for public use. I am interested in the data itself for internal use on a project dedicated to understanding the different types of Convenience stores based on store attributes. I have Address and Lat/Long lookups for over 147k "stores" and I want to identify each store location of interest on the following

  1. If each location offers gas/fuel (the number of pumps would be great but a simple Y/N would work,
  2. whether it offers food services (hot meals/or sit down), as well as
  3. The size of the physical location of the convenience store in square feet or some size to determine the inside of the store space

I do not need it to continuously update or use the information in any dynamic fashion like in developing an application, but is there any open source or way for me to reference and use data from Bing Maps or Microsoft to find convenience stores and the relevant information associated with them?

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  1. rbrundritt 13,776 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    I'm not aware of any map service (Bing, Azure, google...) that offers this level of data. Large convivence store chains may have data sets for their own stores, but may not make that publicly available as a raw data set (they might have a store locator app on their website with these details).

    That said, you may be able to get some of this data with varying accuracy/coverage in the following ways:

    • Use Bing's Location Recognition. Check the Type and OtherTypes properties of the business results. Look for "Gas Stations", "Restaurant", "Fast Food" and that will give you some insights. You won't get the number of pumps or if it is sit down restaurant or not.
    • As for the size, the best you would likely be able to do is to try and get the building footprint polygon for the building, and then calculate the area of that. You could assume a percentage smaller is store space. This will be error prone as some gas stations have covered pump areas, while others don't. There are a few different ways to get the building data, for a bulk job like this I would look at downloading the building footprint data and loading into a database you can query: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/maps/bing-maps/building-footprints
    • If you want other info, like hours of operation, the Azure Maps POI service has this:



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