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When I type "$diskConfig = New-AzDiskConfig", there is no prompt for input. The training vidoe is different. Why?

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    Hi Hongbo Yang,

    Thank you for your presence on the Microsoft Q&A forum. It seems you're currently undertaking the following exercise as part of the Learn path.

    As you mentioned that the Input parameters for the command $diskConfig = "New-AzDiskConfig" will be prompted once the command is terminated with the backtick (`) symbol, as illustrated below:

    $diskConfig = New-AzDiskConfig `
      >> -Location eastus2 `
      >> -CreateOption Empty `
      >> -DiskSizeGB 16 `
      >> -Sku Standard_LRS

    The backtick (`) at the end of the "New-AzDiskConfig" command indicates that input parameters will be requested once the command concludes.

    Note: backtick (`). On a standard keyboard layout, it is typically located on the same key as the tilde (~), usually to the left of the 1 key on the top row.

    Input was successfully provided in the prompt from my end. Below is a Screenshot for your reference.

    User's image

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