How to generate url for signup page in Azure AD B2C Signup and Signin flow?

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In our application, we're using Azure AD B2C Signup & Signin combined flow. We have a use case where we want to invite certain type of users to whom we will send an activation link. This link will have a URL to our application which checks their invitation validity and then redirects them to activation (Azure AD B2C Sign-up page). We're using app.initiate_auth_code_flow in python to initiate the Login flow, but we're not able to understand which method to use to get redirect URL for the Sign up flow.

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    In Azure AD B2C, the redirect URL for the Sign-up flow is determined by the user flow you have configured and the authority you set when you instantiate your client application.
    Here’s a brief overview of how you can get the redirect URL for the Sign-up flow:
    Define your User Flow: When users try to sign in to your app, the app starts an authentication request to the authorization endpoint via a user flow1. The user flow defines and controls the user experience. After users complete the user flow, Azure AD B2C generates a token and then redirects users back to your application.
    Specify the User Flow in Authority: In MSAL Python, specifying a user flow translates to providing an authority. When you instantiate the client application, you need to specify the user flow in authority as https://{tenant_name}{tenant_name}{user_flow}.
    Get the Authorization Request URL: You can get a URL to the Sign-up page by creating a PublicClientApplication with the authority containing that {user_flow}, and then calling the get_authorization_request_url(...).
    Here’s a sample code snippet:
    app = msal.PublicClientApplication(
    AI-generated code. Review and use carefully.
    In this example, b2c_1_susi is the name of the user flow for sign-in/sign-up.
    Please replace "your_client_id" and "" with your actual client ID and authority respectively.
    Remember, the authority to use is https://{tenant_name}{tenant_name}{user_flow} where:
    tenant_name is the name of the Azure AD B2C tenant, such as “contoso”
    user_flow is the name of the user flow to apply (for instance you might have “b2c_1_susi” for sign-in/sign-up)
    Please check if the answer is correct.
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