[BUG] System::Windows::Forms::OpenFileDialog::AutoUpgradeEnabled does not work correctly with NetCore 8.0

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When setting AutoUpgradeEnabled to false in an System::Windows::Forms::OpenFileDialog

  • everything goes right in a .Net 4.8 project
  • no filenames are returned when exiting the dialog in a .Net 8.0 project (netcore8.0-windows)

To be able to use System::Windows::Forms::OpenFileDialog in a NetCore 8.0 project, <UseWindowsForms>true</UseWindowsForms> must be used.

I don't know if it's relevant, but I have also referenced Microsoft.Windows.Compatibility in my project.

Is there any workaround ?

I need this feature to use customized dialogs.

My reproducer :

System::Windows::Forms::OpenFileDialog^ openFileDialog = gcnew System::Windows::Forms::OpenFileDialog();
openFileDialog->AutoUpgradeEnabled = false;
openFileDialog->Title = "Load...";
openFileDialog->AddExtension = true;
openFileDialog->Multiselect = true;
openFileDialog->DefaultExt = "cfg";
System::String^ filterString = "";
filterString += System::String::Format("{0}{1}",
  System::String::IsNullOrEmpty(filterString) ? "" : "|",
  "Cfg files" + " (*.cfg)|*.cfg");
filterString += System::String::Format("{0}{1}",
  System::String::IsNullOrEmpty(filterString) ? "" : "|",
  "All files" + " (*.*)|*.*");
openFileDialog->Filter = filterString;
System::Windows::Forms::DialogResult code = openFileDialog->ShowDialog(this);
//select one or a few files
System::Console::WriteLine("selected count = {0}", openFileDialog->FileNames->Length);//returns 0

If you can't reproduce I can send you a minimum project

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