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Hi Team, I am using dapr actors in my container apps. Cosmosdb instance I am using for state. while creating state configuration, I facing the below issue. Error: Operation is not succeeded: Failed. {"code":"InvalidTargetService","message":"Execution failed. Target resource does not exist: /subscriptions/7d5c4638-bc97-49ff-9e82-e4ff06d6b7c7/resourceGroups/RG-EMEA-R2D2-EDA-Stage/providers/Microsoft.DocumentDB/databaseAccounts/serverless-r2d2-brf01/sqlDatabases/eda-brf-db."} Could you please help? the above mention database account w.r.to no sql db is available.

Azure Container Apps
Azure Container Apps
An Azure service that provides a general-purpose, serverless container platform.
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