Logger Framework in C# DotNet Core to Create a "Big Data BI Cubes". There is a GateWay for "Logger > BigData" in Miccrosoft Community?



I'm in studying time now, I have a question:

The Context:

I have a Project, and it will storage Data Logs (Warn, Info, Error, Debug, Fatal).

I want to use this "Logs Data" to make an (BI) Big Data Cube, to make better analyses.

Because this, my question's are:

  • There is a native DotNet Core Logger to generate this Meta-Data?
  • There is a Microsoft Big Data Tools for Developer's Machine Context, without Azure?

I'm studying many frameworks, like Log4net, MS-Logger, to make "Pure Data Logs" to put in BI context.

"And I Think": Maybe already exists Loggers for Business Intelligence. There's true?, or I need to make an Gateway coding(C#, JSON) to generate my logs open for Big Data?

Maybe someone can help-me?

Thank you, Igor Felipe Pereira Gutierrez.

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