How to troubleshoot API Not Found errors (404) in Azure API Management

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Hello, I am experiencing API Not Found (404) errors in Azure API Management. I have noticed that the logs are capturing URLs that are not configured in APIM. Can someone help me figure out what operations these URLs belong to, as well as offer suggestions on how to troubleshoot and fix the issue? Here is a list of the URLs I am seeing:

  • GET /sysinfo.cgi
  • POST /login.php
  • GET /management
  • POST /carbon/admin/login_action.jsp
  • POST /userpost/xerox.set
  • POST /login
  • GET /console/
  • POST /console/j_security_check

Please let me know if you need any additional information. Thank you in advance for your quick response. Best regards, Hari

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Azure API Management
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  1. MuthuKumaranMurugaachari-MSFT 21,646 Reputation points

    Hari Prathipati Thanks for posting your question in Microsoft Q&A. From the description above, you have found some Not Found errors in APIM logs for some operations, but these operations are not configured and looking for the cause. As described in the doc:, you can enable trace setting for Built-in all-access subscription, and get the key for this subscription. Then make a test call to any of the URLs from Postman with header Ocp-Apim-Trace as true and Ocp-Apim-Subscription-Key with that key (built-in all-access subscription) and response header Ocp-Apim-Trace-Location will contain URL for the full trace information. The trace can help in finding the cause of the failure.

    For example, if you see Unable to identify Api or Operation for this request. Responding to the caller with 404 Resource Not Found., APIM is unable to identify the API or Operation with suffix (like / or /login etc.) provided and this is expected. We have some predefined errors documented here and also some troubleshooting scenarios covered here.

    I hope this helps and let me know if you have any questions.

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