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I've tried getting help from other blogs and even MS Copliot couldn't help stupid me. I would really appreciate if you could help me out with the situation described below. I will share involved email address and MCID's via private chat.

Thanks in advance. Kind regards, Nico

(please disregard the tags I couldn't find any useful)

Current assumed situation It appears that I have two linked accounts within MS Learn based on the same email address. I will call them account A and B. Account A is a company owned address and Account B is a personally owned address but based on the same email address.

On one of them (and I hope it is account A and not B) I've a Microsoft Certification ID (MCID) with some certifications of passed exams and because the accounts are linked they show up regardless of with which account I log in.

I have a separate account (account C) based on a different email address, also with a MCID and some certifications of passed exams. I vever intended to have account B and account C involved in MS Learn, but somewhere along the way I must have screwed up and here we are.

Desire and problem

I would like to have all certifications together. I don't care from which account and whether accounts need to be linked not because of different MCID's, just as long as I can see them all from one account.

I stumblished accross some problemd in trying to do so. MS Learn prevents me from linking Account C to A or B as it results in more than 1 personal accounts linked and that is not allowed. I've then tried to remove Account A from B (and also Account B from A) but the remove button doesn't appear to be doing anything.

Possible solutions (if any better please freely act up on so)

  1. Moving the exam certifications to one MCID so I can disregard the other MCID (and associated account for MS Learn)
  2. Help me separate Account A from B, so I can add account C to account A (and pray that the MCID wasn't linked to account B but to account A as it would result in the same problem), of course would be great if that could be verified upfront (I honestly cannot tell from the interface, perhaps you as administator/moderator can)
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    Please ask your question in the Microsoft Credentials forum using link below. There are support moderators over there that will respond to your question in 1 business day and can assist with merging your two accounts:

    Please click Accept Answer if above was helpful.



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