Why are dynamically scoped VMs not being added to maintenance schedules (bug)?

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I have Azure Update Manager maintenance configuration schedules that use a dynamic scope based on a tag value to add VMs to it. I have confirmed the VMs have the correct patch orchestration settings and have the tag properly attached. When I open the dynamic scope, the VMs are not listed in the preview menu. I have to edit the filter, and even if I don't make ANY changes and just click OK, the VMs then show up in the preview.
I confirmed this does make a difference because one of these schedules ran without the VMs showing up in the preview and none of them were included in the maintenance run. Afterwards, I completed the steps mentioned above to bring the VMs into the preview, and then ran the schedule again and they were included this time.
This is clearly a behavior that shouldn't be occurring. Has this already been identified as a bug/issue and if so, is there a resolution? Before going into the filter's edit mode. There are no VMs in the preview: image

Opening the edit mode and making NO changes, just clicking OK: User's image After doing this, the VMs show up in the previewUser's image

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