Clarification on Adding a New Column ("City") to CSV file Extracted via API in Azure Data Factory

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I am currently working on utilizing an API to extract data in CSV format through Azure Data Factory (ADF). I have encountered a requirement to include an additional column named "City" in the output file, even though this column is not present in the API data.
To address this, I am seeking guidance on two aspects: Source Setting in Azure Data Factory: I would appreciate clarification on how to configure the source settings in Azure Data Factory to incorporate the new column "City" during the data extraction process. Specifically, I am interested in understanding any parameters or configurations necessary to achieve this seamlessly.

  1. Mapping the New Column in Data Flow: Once the data is extracted, I need to map the newly added "City" column within the Azure Data Factory . Could you please provide insights on how to appropriately map this new column, ensuring it aligns with the rest of the data structure?
    could you guide me on how to add a new column(city) to an existing CSV file in the blob storage using ADF
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