Remove three dots at the end while using LineBreakMode="TailTruncation" MaxLines="1"

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Hi ,
As per title I have a label with


and I want to remove the 3 dots at the end.

now it shows:
"lorem ipsum dol..."
and I want
"lorem ipsum dolo"

Pay attention at the fact that removing the 3 dots I have inserted a new letter cause it will remain space.
Thank you.

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  1. Leon Lu (Shanghai Wicresoft Co,.Ltd.) 68,016 Reputation points Microsoft Vendor



    From vanKraster solution.

    hiding those 3 dots with an overlayed stacklayout with 50% opacity and dark gray background.

    Because I need to remove the dots every time I change the text, it seems to work but it is flickering and it is useless.... Perhaps you can give me another idea on how I can achieve this scrolling to left ?

    You can use ScrollView to warp the Label and set the Orientation="Horizontal" and set the HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Never". This way donot have flickering result and scroll smoothly.

    <ScrollView Orientation="Horizontal" HorizontalScrollBarVisibility="Never" x:Name="ScrollView">
         <Label x:Name="yourLabel"
                Text="Make changes to your XAML file and save to see your UI update in the running app with XAML Hot Reload. Give it a try!" >

    Then you can scroll automatically by Timer and ScrollToAsync. If you scroll to the end, it will scroll to the start again.

    imer timer;
    double maxPos;
    protected override async void OnAppearing()
        timer=  new Timer(ScrollViewScrolled, null,TimeSpan.Zero, TimeSpan.FromMilliseconds(500));
        var s = ScrollView.ScrollX;
        ScrollView.Scrolled += ScrollView_Scrolled;
    private void ScrollView_Scrolled(object sender, ScrolledEventArgs e)
        //get the max scroll X;
        var scrollView = sender as ScrollView;
            var contentSize = ScrollView.ContentSize.Width;
            var contentSizeCheck = ((View)ScrollView.Children[0]).Width;
           maxPos = contentSize - ScrollView.Width;
           Debug.WriteLine($"Scrolled to pos {e.ScrollY}, max: {maxPos}");
    int xPostion = 10;
    private async void ScrollViewScrolled(object state)
       if( xPostion > maxPos )
            xPostion = 0;
       await ScrollView.ScrollToAsync(xPostion+=10, 0,false);

    I thought that perhaps writing a new Custom renderer for Label <> TextView would solve my problem but I have to implement a lot to make it work. Inheriting from LabelRenderer I cannot find a way to overwrite the text after it has been truncated so I can delete those three dots.

    I create a Mylabel class that extend the Label. Here is my tested layout code.

    <local:MyLabel Text="Make changes to your XAML file and save to see your UI update in the running app with XAML Hot Reload. Give it a try!"

    Then I write custom renderer for android platform to get text that removed three dots. I use textView.ViewTreeObserver.AddOnGlobalLayoutListener to get appeared TextView.

    [assembly: ExportRenderer(typeof(MyLabel), typeof(MyLabelRender))]
    namespace XFLabelCustomRenderer.Droid
        public class MyLabelRender : LabelRenderer
            public MyLabelRender(Context context) : base(context)
           protected override void OnElementChanged(ElementChangedEventArgs<Label> e)
                var textView = Control as TextView;
                 textView.ViewTreeObserver.AddOnGlobalLayoutListener(new MyNewLayoutListner(textView));

    Here is MyNewLayoutListner to get the text without tree dots and set it to the Textview.

     internal class MyNewLayoutListner : Java.Lang.Object, ViewTreeObserver.IOnGlobalLayoutListener
          private TextView textView;
         public MyNewLayoutListner(TextView textView)
              this.textView = textView;
         public void OnGlobalLayout()
              var re1 = textView.Layout.GetEllipsisStart(0);
              //get the text without the three dots
              string endText = (String)textView.Text.Substring(0, re1);
              //set the text to the Textview
              textView.Text = endText;

    As note: I do not know how about follow part. Please use static string to make a test.

    I am making a scroll text on the left and I am always removing the first letter and putting it to the end every 200ms, so the text will have the effect of scrolling to left.

    Best Regards, Leon Lu

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