Sysprep on WIndows 2016 is retaining DNS IP configuration

Shiva Konduru 1 Reputation point

When we run sysprep with generalize, and spin up an instance out of that image, image is retaining the dns ip. Is there anything we can do here to prevent this from happening?

  1. There is a windows ec2 instance with two nics connected to it.
  2. We shutdown the machine, make a copy of C: drive and launch it in a restricted environment/temp env. Note that here it is spinned up with only one NIC.
  3. We run sysprep and create an image out of it.
  4. Launch the new ec2 instance using this image.
  5. As instance gets launched aka when windows is in process of booting up, we add a 2nd NIC.
  6. We notice that 2nd NIC gets the correct IP but the DNS IP is from the machine in step 1.

Any idea on what we can do to fix this?

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