How do I update the full-width department Sharepoint banner without using a URL?

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I'm trying to update a department site banner and am being forced to use a URL to update. Is it possible to update without a URL as on the subpages? The URL doesn't work when trying to link to images that are on the site's document library, only external websites.

Is there a good way to get the home page banner to act more like the subpage title areas where you can browse for images, set the focal point, etc. while still maintaining the full width banner?

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  1. Tim STOKES 75 Reputation points

    Here are some workarounds and considerations to achieve your goal:

    Workaround 1: Temporarily Public Image Link

    • Upload Image: Upload the image you want to use as the banner to your document library.
    • Copy Shareable Link: Get a shareable link to the image that allows 'anyone with the link' to view it.
    • Update Banner: Paste this shareable link into the banner image URL field.
    • Revoke Sharing: Once the banner is updated, revoke the public sharing link to maintain document security.

    Workaround 2: Image Hosting Within SharePoint

    • Site Assets/Images Library: Create a dedicated library (e.g., "Site Assets" or “Images”) within your SharePoint site.
    • Upload Image: Upload your banner image to this library.
    • Copy Image URL: Right-click the image and select 'Copy Image Address' or similar.
    • Update Banner: Paste this image URL into the banner settings.

    Limitations: These methods are workarounds and might have security or management considerations if you want to frequently change banners.

    Addressing Your Ideal Solution

    Sadly, there's no native way to make the home page banner work like the subpage title areas with a full-width image browser. Here's why, and some alternatives:

    • Design Difference: SharePoint differentiates the home page banner for branding and navigation purposes.
    • Customization: If you need the flexibility of the subpage title area, consider the following:
      • Web Parts: Use a Hero web part or Image web part below the banner to create a visually similar section with more control.
      • SharePoint Framework (SPFx): If you're comfortable with development, a custom SPFx web part could provide a tailored solution to suit your specific needs.
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