Direction Manager issue on iPad

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We developed the application using Bing Maps V8. To plot the route, we utilized the Bing Maps Direction Manager. While it functions correctly in the browser, accessing it from an iPad (7th generation) with iPadOS-Version 17.3 resulted in a broken direction design, as shown below.

Has anyone encountered such an issue and found a resolution.


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  2. IoTGirl 2,976 Reputation points Microsoft Employee

    Hi Balasaheb,

    If it is unique to that OS I would be curious to see the net trace from it. My suspicion is that device has a firewall or something similar blocking virtualerath domains. While the V8 control can be called from either the Bing endpoint or VirtualEarth endpoint, some browsers will block cross site scripting so if you are calling from the Bing Endpoint, it calls Virtual Earth from within the V8 control so potentially that is what is getting broken.