Unexpected Azure Sponsorship Billing Issue

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Hello Azure Community,

I am reaching out today in hopes of finding a resolution to a challenging issue we are facing with a surprise Azure bill. We're a small startup operating under the assumption that all services were covered under our Azure Sponsorship program.

Surprisingly, we recently received an unexpected billing amount of ₹21,549.80, stated to be for the usage of a SendGrid Pro 300K subscription via the Azure Marketplace. I have to emphasize here, this subscription was unintentionally done, and as substantially strong proof, we can verify that no APIs were created or any services utilized during the duration of this involuntary subscription.

In an attempt to clarify things, we sought assistance from Azure Support and were directed to get in touch with SendGrid. However, that approach seems to have reached a dead end, as they directed us back to Azure. This has put us in quite a deadlock, with no progress in sight.

Adding to the severity of the situation is the status of our Azure credit, which is past due, putting crucial Azure hosted services supporting our startup at immediate risk of disruption. As one can imagine, this is an alarming prospect for an emerging business like ours.

Given this background, we are kindly seeking any guidance, advice, or potential solutions from the community. Our hope is that we can resolve this issue promptly to avoid any significant damage to our operations.

Hoping to connect with this community and find a path forward. Thanks for taking the time to read this.

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