Using Win 10 OEM Key for Win 11 clean install on a new PC?

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This. I've searched for this question, but most of the answers are outdated. I bought my Win 10 OEM key from new egg 8 years ago. Getting a new build pc and want to install Win 11 clean on a different motherboard, cpu, HD etc and not have to install Win 10 and then upgrade to 11. Is this possible without buying a new Win 11 license?

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    The ability to transfer your Windows 10 OEM license to a new PC depends on the type of license you have.


    OEM licenses are typically tied to the original motherboard they were installed on and are not transferable. If you have an OEM license, it’s likely that you won’t be able to transfer it to a new PC.


    Retail licenses, on the other hand, can be transferred to a new PC. If you upgraded from a retail version of Windows 10 to Windows 11, it remains a retail version and can be transferred to another computer.


    If you’re unsure about the type of license you have, you can use a tool like Magical Jellybean KeyFinder to find out.


    If you have a retail license and want to transfer it, you can follow these steps:


    Reset Windows or completely erase the drive on your old PC.

    Install Windows 11 on the new PC, without entering a product code during the install process.

    Launch the Activation Settings menu.

    Click the Troubleshoot button.

    Click “I changed hardware on this device recently.”

    Locate the name of the new PC and click on it.


    Even if you have a retail license, you should make sure that your new PC meets the hardware requirements for Windows 11.


    If you have an OEM license, you will likely need to purchase a new license for your new PC.

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