Q&A Site slow and reporting 500 errors

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Anybody else getting lots of 500 errors from the site in the last day or so? I notice it mainly when adding a comment or answer. When I click to submit it spins for a minute and then returns a 500 error. Refreshing the page shows the comment/answer was saved in most cases. But today I'm even noticing navigating to a question is generating 500s more often than not.

Might not be related but I was clearly logged into the site and navigated to another page. It then thought I was logged out and told me to sign in to comment. Refreshing the page resolved the issue. I went to the Tags portion of the site to find the Q&A tag so I could report it and got the list of tags with an option to follow. But it thought I was signed out so I refreshed and then I could follow. But clicking the Follow button on a tag cause the site to think I was signed out again. Refreshing again and the problem went away.

Something seems up with the Q&A site right now.

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