Powershell script to report user OneDrive site collection

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Good afternoon,  I’m looking for help with scripting a report to show all users OneDrive Notebooks storage usage.


I’m aware of the usage reports in admin, but I would like to drill down further to the users site collection for notebooks.


The reason for this is that the business wish to add a retention policy to OneDrive, and we need to assess the impact for users NoteBooks.


I’ve got a script for OneDrive total and have tried adjusting the Url with no luck. I’m not familiar with powershell scripts. Is there anyone able to help me please?


Get-SPOSite -IncludePersonalSite $true -Limit all -Filter "Url -like '-my.sharepoint.com/personal/'" | Select URL, Owner, StorageQuota, StorageUsageCurrent, LastContentModifiedDate | Export-CSV 'C\Documents\test1.csv'

 I had hoped something like this would work;


thanks for reading

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