Jwt token Issuer validation failed

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Our project involves a static website that uses ReactApp for the frontend and connects to APIM APIs through APIM Management integration with the static web app. We also implemented an authentication mechanism for the website using Azure AAD B2C that has Custom Policies for signup,signin,signout etc.,

We created app registration for static web app in B2C and set the "acceptedVersion" to 2 in the manifest file. On APIM, we use the "validate-Jwt" policy to verify the B2C token.

The token generation was success however its getting failed at APIM validation.

IDX10205: Issuer validation failed. Issuer: 'https://identity.2.azurestaticapps.net/.auth'. Did not match: validationParameters.ValidIssuer: '' or validationParameters.ValidIssuers: 'https://identity.4.azurestaticapps.net/.auth'.


Azure API Management
Azure API Management
An Azure service that provides a hybrid, multi-cloud management platform for APIs.
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Active Directory
Active Directory
A set of directory-based technologies included in Windows Server.
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Azure Static Web Apps
Azure Static Web Apps
An Azure service that provides streamlined full-stack web app development.
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