When publish rdlc report in iis 7 its not working

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I have a asp.net project which contain RDLC report. When I publish the website to iis7 on server. The project is working fine but the report is not. it is giving credentials error.

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  1. AgaveJoe 26,191 Reputation points

    it is giving credentials error.

    What exactly is the error? Usually the error tells you what account could not connect. From there you can figure out what to do next.

    If you are using Windows integrated security then the account the IIS application is running under must have proper authorization in SQL. You can find the IIS account by looking at the application pool that hosts the application. The account is under the Identity column. You can change the identity by right clicking and selecting "Advanced settings...". Maybe you need to use Network Services, an existing service account, or maybe you need to create a service account. It all depends on how your security works.

    I think you'll be interested in reading the official documentation.

    Specify Credential and Connection Information for Report Data Sources

    Understanding identities in IIS

  2. SurferOnWww 1,906 Reputation points

    If the rdlc report works in your development environment and you use the Windows Authentication for the SQL Server, the issue "it is giving credentials error" is most likely caused due to the difference between accounts of worker process. The worker process of IIS has a limited access right and cannot log in to the SQL Server by default.

    I suggest that you consider a use of SQL Server Authentication instead of Windows Authentication.

    You will be able to use the Windows Authentication provided that you can configure the authentication system properly. However, it might be very difficult if you use the remote SQL Server not under the active directory.

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