redirection to page takes log time to open

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Hi guys, we are experiencing the issue in the title lately from a number of machines.

When we try to authenticate on O365 or Dynamics, the redirection to the login page takes up to 20 mins.

Here is what's happening: when we try to open the page we are correctly redirected to to perform the authentication process. BEFORE we can see the page where to insert the upn apparently the system loops for up to 20 minutes. And after inserted the credential we have another loop for another 10-15 minutes.

After the process complete successfully then the following logins are "normal".

So you know a way to debug that process? We used wireshark (there we can see the connection re-trasmitted but nothing else significant, tried to remove the cookies, reset the browser settings, clear the cache, etc..)

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Any suggestion is welcome.

Thank you

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