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I am learning for the az-204 exam. I've done the self paced learning path and some course on udemy. However, trying the practice assessment has been a frustrating experience so far. The questions seems unrelated to the learning path material, more detail oriented than I expected and some of the do not have working links to documentation.

As an example take this one

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I was not able to find an official documentation of the function StringSetAsync() that explains the 3rd argument. Also it is unclear what is meant by "duration". I guess it means an expiry time ?

Lots of questions are like this. The question itself is unclear. The correct answer depends on some (seemingly random details) and the related documentation is outdated or not working (second link gives me a 204 error)

To summarize, my questions are:

Where to find the documentation that explains the answer from the above question?

Is the real exam like this or are those practice questions somehow of lower quality?

Are the practice exam questions up to date with the newest az-204 exam requirements?

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