The namespace ’pcl_Solution’ already contains a definition for 'Resource' (CS0101) (PCl_Solution)

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Hi Team,


I am trying to deploy my .net-android app into the app center using azure pipelines. I have one common Base class library solution which contains business logic, I have added ."net7.0;net7.0-android" as my target Frameworks in my common base class library csproj file.

I am getting this error while building the app.  "The namespace ’Demo_Solution’ already contains a definition for 'Resource' (CS0101) (Demo_Solution)".


Solutions Tried:

1)Tried rebuilding, clearing bin-obj files.

2)I have tried only to mention "net7.0" as target framework in my common solution, but then azure pipelines throwing error like "Assets file file does not have a target framework version .net-android"


Any Help would be appreciated.

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