Button with hyperlink gets truncated from the email body containing 63000 characters.

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For Microsoft® Outlook® for Microsoft 365 MSO (Version 2401 Build 16.0.17231.20290) 64-bit. When an email body has near about 63000 characters, a button with hyperlink added at the bottom of the email body gets clipped off and is invisible. However this issue is not replicating in the new Outlook and is working fine there.

Outlook has a limitation where it stops processing the HTML of an email after a certain point where the character limit exceeds 53000 ("Clip Limit" or "Maximum Displayable Email Body Size).

I have added my email template for reference.

The "View Request" button is visible in all browsers along with new outlook. Only in Old outlook this button is not visible.

Can you provide a fix for the same?

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