How to fix the smb time out issue ?

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I have samba shares mounted as network drives on my laptop and set to auto reconnect (Win 11 - last insiders version).

This is working well when I'm connected to the nework they belong to.

but, when I change network, I have the following issue:

  • File explorer freezes at first launch for minutes, until, I suppose the the end of samba time out
  • After that, I can use File explorer, drives are just marked disconnected
  • Same behavior with WSL: at first launch, prompt takes minutes to come.

during this time out of unresponsive ressources, if I connect back to the right network (activating VPN for example), everythings becomes immediately OK. suggesting that the issue is actually related to samba shares not available.

I would expect that connecting network drives should be managed by background processes that should not impair the normal functionning of other ressources not actually needing it.

how can we fix that?

thank you

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