Unable to access keyvault resource with given credentials

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I'm following along the Verifiable Credentials tutorial but when the call to get the manifest is made in the sample code, I get this error:

{"requestId":"a3729fc547c6cc4bf2f6c991749620b1","date":"Tue, 19 Mar 2024 12:37:23 GMT","mscv":"+AyqnA3C66qgEDIu.2","error":{"code":"internalServerError","message":"A generic error has occurred on the server.","innererror":{"code":"tenantError","message":"There is an error in the configuration of this tenant.","innererror":{"code":"Forbidden","message":"Unable to access KeyVault resource with given credentials."}}}}

Any assistance?

Azure Key Vault
Azure Key Vault
An Azure service that is used to manage and protect cryptographic keys and other secrets used by cloud apps and services.
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