ADF Pipeline Error When Moving Data from one CosmosDB Account to Other

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I'm trying to setup a Data Flow to move documents from one CosmosDB collection to another and getting the following error:

Job failed due to reason: at Sink 'TargetdevicemanagementeventsINsitpemssharedcosmos': {"innerErrorMessage":"All retries exhausted for 'UPSERT' bulk operation - statusCode=[400:0] itemId=[7d5ed366-10c3-4860-8374-5b8973609102], partitionKeyValue=[[{}]]"}

I can't find the itemID mentioned in the above error in the source CosmosDB collection. If I re-run the pipeline, it fails with the same error, but for a different itemID every time.

Can someone please share some ideas as to what to look for or if they've seen this before?


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