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MSVC compiler not generating warning for global constructor initialization. We want to disable global constructor initialization before main. So basically lets say I have a UDT and I want to make sure that this type/class does not gets initiated before main, what should I do using. Basically we want to have some warning for below code usage.

class MyClass {


MyClass ()


int  number;

MyClass x;  //this should generate global constructor initialization warning . 

int main()

return 0;

We tried to compile above code using MSVC compiler and with "/Wall " flag but it did not generate any warning.

if we compile same code with Clang with “-Wglobal-constructors” compiler option, it gives us below warning.

/Users/mohsin.siddiqui/Workspace/source.cpp:21:9: warning: declaration requires a global constructor [-Wglobal-constructors] MyClass x;

Does this means that MSVC does not even have this warning supported ?

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    In your Visual Studio project, if you enable clang-tidy checking in the code analysis settings you should get this warning:
    warning G344A74EF: declaration requires a global constructor [clang-diagnostic-global-constructors]

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