KubernetesManifest@1 Delete/Deploy Task is failing Randomly

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I am using Azure Devops Pipeline to deploy application to Azure Portal.

Suddenly ,KubernetesManifest@1 (Delete/Deploy Task) has started failing Randomly for anyone of the services (Other services are successful) with the below error . It looks strange because same task is passing when I use AzureCLI@2 task..

Your input will be of great help .

Error Message for reference:--

Starting: Delete outbound-acceptor deployment


Task : Deploy to Kubernetes

Description : Use Kubernetes manifest files to deploy to clusters or even bake the manifest files to be used for deployments using Helm charts

Version : 1.234.1

Author : Microsoft Corporation

Help : https://aka.ms/azpipes-k8s-manifest-tsg


Connection type: azureResourceManager

##[warning]Can't find loc string for key: CantDownloadAccessProfile

##[error]CantDownloadAccessProfile aks-outbound Request timeout: /subscriptions/

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