How to code/automate tasks for writing/editing a Manual in Word

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We have a Manual written but need to automate some tasks to be more efficient. Here is what needs to be done:

  1. Heavy bar in margin to show where text changes (color to be determined) -- similar to the Changed Line vertical Bar in track changes, but line needs to remain after changes are accepted.
  2. New text needs to be blue and Courier New font after track changes are accepted
  3. Automatic paragraph numbering (including the a, b, c for new TxDOT paragraphs, if possible)
    1. Paragraphs are numbered 01 through 09, then 10 onward
    2. Items in lists need to be A, B, C
  4. Section numbers are independent of the paragraph numbers and item numbers
  5. Insert colored tabs on the edges of pages for each part (Part 1 has 1 color, Part 2 has another color, etc.)
  6. Cross-referencing to Sections between multiple Word files. We have been warned that using a master document opens a can of worms for file corruption so we are trying to to use that feature.
  7. Files need to be able to be used on any computer (need to make sure styles are on all computers, Mac, desktop, etc.)
  8. Could we apply a new style/set-up to the existing document, or would we need to retype it?
  9. Text must be 508 compliant
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