Azure Storage Explorer hanging after attempting a large single file download? Recommendations on Blob Storage transfer settings?

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I have an issue reproduced with multiple users where the Azure Storage Explorer hangs at some point when attempting to download a folder that contains a large single blob (115 GB). It downloads other blobs in the folder correctly, but when it gets to this large file it makes some progress and then hangs forever. The attached image shows this transition in the log, where the bottom pattern continues forever. Azure Storage Explorer does not complain or give any indication that the download has stopped progressing (other than seeing that the percent completion has not increased over several hours). hanging_large_file_log

The total log is 12MB so it is too large to upload, but this bottom pattern continues forever and Request/Response attempts never again appear in the log for 15 more hours until the job gets cancelled.

I should mention that the server is US East and I am testing with participants in Florida and California. This particular log is from the Florida user.

Is there any settings I can change to make it more likely that the job can succeed without silently failing like this? One user was using their machine to do other work during the download, while one was not working and left it overnight. I thought capping RAM usage may help but one user was not using their machine intensively during the download. During this time the users task manager showed that there was no usage of their network capabilities while the machine was hanging.

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