Can configuration and use of Language Services can be seen by anyone else.

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Could you please help me on the below mentioned questions.

1.Can configuration and use of Language Services can be seen by anyone else.

  1. Is security same for both Commitment Tiers vs Disconnected Containers in Azure AI Language. If not, could you please share the relevant document.
  2. Do we have to follow FCC rules for Azure AI Language.
Azure AI Language
Azure AI Language
An Azure service that provides natural language capabilities including sentiment analysis, entity extraction, and automated question answering.
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    Hi @Mallu Swetha (MINDTREE LIMITED),

    Thank you for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A forum!

    The below are the responses for your questions:

    • The configuration and use of Language Services depends on how you configure and use them. By default, the configuration and use of these services are not visible to others unless you explicitly share access or information about them. Access to these resources can be restricted through Azure's role-based access control (RBAC) feature, which allows you to grant permissions to specific users or groups.
    • The security for Commitment Tiers and Disconnected Containers in Azure AI Language is not the same. With commitment tier pricing, you can commit to using the following Azure AI services features for a fixed fee, enabling you to have a predictable total cost based on the needs of your workload: Speech to text (Standard) Text to speech (Neural) Text Translation (Standard) Language Understanding standard (Text Requests) Azure AI Language Sentiment Analysis Key Phrase Extraction Language Detection Named Entity Recognition (NER) Azure AI Vision - OCR Document Intelligence – Custom/Invoice For more information, see Commitment-tier. Disconnected containers enable you to use several of above-mentioned services APIs disconnected from the internet. Disconnected containers are intended for scenarios where no connectivity with the cloud is needed for the containers to run. See Disconnected-containers
    • As per my knowledge FCC is Federal Communications Commission of a US government agency. The FCC regulates US interstate and international communications across various mediums like radio, TV, and the internet. It manages rules regarding radio frequency spectrum for technologies like Wi-Fi and cellular networks. While Azure AI Language doesn't have specific FCC rules, developers working on wireless tech using radio spectrum may need to adhere to FCC regulations and consult their guidelines for compliance.

    Hope this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.

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