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I am using microsoft fabric account provided in the Microsoft Fabric Workshop, I am receiving real time data in the eventStream service and from event stream the data is monitored by Data activator (Reflex) service. I have setup the object and created a trigger based on a numeric condition, when I click on "Send me a test alert" then it gives error - "Failed to create test action" also when I save and start the trigger I don't receive any mails regarding the triggers, I don't even know if the trigger is working or not.

Please help how can I fix this.


Azure Service Fabric
Azure Service Fabric
An Azure service that is used to develop microservices and orchestrate containers on Windows and Linux.
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  1. Sina Salam 3,076 Reputation points

    Hi Satyam Chauhan,

    Welcome to the Microsoft Q&A and thank you for posting your questions here.

    Sequel to your questions, I understand that you are experiencing difficulties with the Azure Data Activator service provided in the Microsoft Fabric Workshop. They are unable to successfully create test actions, you do not receive emails for triggers, and are uncertain about the functionality of the triggers they have set up.

    To fix these issues, there are couple of things you will need to look into from the followings:

    1. Failed to create test action: Double-check the configuration of the test action to ensure it is set up correctly. This includes verifying the recipient email address, any parameters or conditions set for the test action, and ensuring the test action is associated with the correct trigger.
      1. Check for any restrictions or limitations on sending test alerts, such as email delivery restrictions or quotas.
      2. If the issue persists, consider reaching out to Microsoft support or consulting documentation specific to the Azure Data Activator service for troubleshooting steps.
    2. No emails received for triggers:
      1. Verify the email notification settings within the Data Activator service. Ensure that the correct email address is configured to receive notifications for trigger events.
      2. Test the email notification functionality by manually triggering a known event that should trigger an email notification and verify if the email is received.
    3. Verification of trigger functionality: Utilize logging or diagnostic capabilities within the Data Activator service to monitor the execution of triggers and track any errors or events. This could involve enabling logging for trigger actions or integrating with Azure Monitor for comprehensive monitoring and alerting.
      1. Implement a mechanism to capture and log trigger events, such as writing trigger results to a database or storage account. This allows for retrospective analysis of trigger activity and performance.
      2. Test triggers with sample data or simulated events to confirm their functionality and ensure they behave as expected under various conditions.
      3. Consider setting up alerting mechanisms within the Data Activator service itself, such as configuring alerts for trigger failures or abnormal behavior, to proactively identify and address issues with trigger functionality.

    By following these above steps and best practices, you can troubleshoot and resolve issues with the Azure Data Activator service.

    I hope this is helpful! Do not hesitate to let me know if you have any other questions.

    Please remember to "Accept Answer" if answer helped, so that others in the community facing similar issues can easily find the solution.

    Best Regards,

    Sina Salam

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