Query set to run in my Logic App is timing out and failing

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Hello everyone. I am trouble shooting an issue with my Logic App in which after an incident triggers, the next step is to run the query and list the results, but this part of the Logic App is what is timing out and failing. When reading the timeout errors it says that after 2 minutes, the query times out and retries. It does this 4 times but always ends up failing. When I run the query manually in the Log Analytics space, it only takes about a minute to get the results the results are not terribly extensive, although I do get an notice saying "Your query is consuming excessive resources". The output results I'm getting is "RequestTimeout: Failed to get HTTP response. Timeout / Operation Canceled Exception"

Does anyone know how I can get this query to finish running successfully? Is there a way to give this query more time to finish before timing out? The query is one built by Microsoft for Log4j detection.

Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

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