Issue with Autopilot with Azure VPN and Windows 11

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I'm looking for some solutions or research leads.

We have a workstation preparation process via Azure VPN.

So we have an azure gateway, a SCEP configuration, a VPN configuration and a trusted certificate configuration.

On Windows 10, everything works properly.

On Windows 11, the domain can't be reached when the account is connected to the login screen (just before the last phase of the ESP).

On Intune, the VPN configuration fails with the following error code: 0x87d1fde8

On the workstation, I have an event 20227 with error code 13801

From what I've read, this could be due to the certificate used to authenticate (it's the same as for Windows 10 workstations).

According to Microsoft documentation, there seems to be an incident between VPN Always On and Windows 11 (Add VPN settings to devices in Microsoft Intune | Microsoft Learn)

Have you ever encountered this kind of problem with Windows 11?

Thank you

Have a nice day

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