OWA - problem with default add-ins

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We have MS Exchange 2019 on-prem. It is likely that after the installation of CU14 or CU14 Mar24SU, the add-ins installed by default (like My Templates) stopped working.

I have displayed the application configuration

Get-App -OrganizationApp | fl

and I see incorrect URLs in the ManifestXML and IconURL attribute.

The IconURL contains the address:


It seems to me that the URL should be:


The same applies to the SourceLocation attribute in the FormSettings section of the ManifestXML.

The entry looks like this:

<SourceLocation DefaultValue="https://Exchange_FQDN/owa/MailboxGUID%40Mailbox_email_domain/prem/15.2.1544.9/ext/def/a216ceed-7791-4635-a752-5a4ac0a5eb93/page.html" />

and it should look like this:

<SourceLocation DefaultValue="https://Exchange_FQDN/owa/prem/15.2.1544.9/ext/def/a216ceed-7791-4635-a752-5a4ac0a5eb93/page.html" />

Has anyone had this problem and solved it?

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