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Hello. Is it possible, in 2024 to use modern tools in windows 11, instead of a very small window of MSCONFIG ?

i have to do some hardcopy of the parameters, and on the service tab, in a window not resizable, i have to make many many hardcopys.

WHEN Microsoft will think to his customers ?


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Windows 11
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  1. Darrell Gorter 1,296 Reputation points


    Can you use MSINFO32 instead of MSCONFIG?

    MSINFO32 is also exportable as a text file or can be saved as an NFO File.

    What fields are you wanting for the parameters?


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  1. MotoX80 31,571 Reputation points

    There's probably not much customer demand to change that screen.

    Use Powershell to report on services. You can customize it to report on what you are interested in and it's really easy to automate and run against multiple servers. You can output a .csv too.

    $svcs = Get-CimInstance win32_service 
    foreach ($s in $svcs) {
        $pgm = ($s.PathName + "  ").replace('"','')      # Remove quotes and insure a trailing space 
        $pos = $pgm.ToLower().indexof(".exe ")           # find where the program name ends
        $pgm = $pgm.Substring(0,$pos + 4)                # get program name 
        $exe = get-item $pgm                             # get the .exe so we can see who wrote it 
        if ($s.Started) { 
            $state = "Running"
        } else {
            $state = "Stopped"
            Name = $s.Name
            Status = $state
            Start = $s.StartMode  
            Product = $exe.VersionInfo.ProductName
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  2. Wesley Li 4,585 Reputation points


    Would you please share us more detials of the exact purpose?

    If you want to get all the services, the command "Get-CimInstance win32_service" could be a good suggestion.

    Or try to work with powershell command line according to the exact purpose.

    If you want to get all the automatic running services, the Autorun tool may be helpful.

    Autoruns for Windows - Sysinternals | Microsoft Learn

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  3. JB 007 20 Reputation points

    Many thank's to all. MSINFO32 give the informations about services and effectively, exportable in excel or Open Office for readability.

    I was looking for status of particular services, sometimes noted in technical report, but with translated names, was not finding easily my way. Now i have a searchable list.

    Many thank's again.

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