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I'm working with Azure AI Studio to create a Chat application. I want to connect it to Sharepoint data and followed appropriate tutorials in Azure documentation. I've created an Azure AI Search indexer which indexes my Sharepoint data successfully.

The problem I'm encountering is when I'm trying to connect the index in the Playground of my chat service, via the "Add your data" option. Error in the Azure AI Studio only shows:

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When going into the network tab, I can see that request to create the index has failed with message:

{ "statusCode": 401, "message": "Unauthorized. Access token is missing, invalid, audience is incorrect (, or have expired." }

I have a Contributor access to all resources in my Azure tenant (inherited from Subscription). I've even explicitly added myself as a Contributor to all related services and still encounter this error.

We've already did this process for another index in the same Azure AI Search service and did not encounter this error. Any reason why this might be happening now?


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  1. Amira Bedhiafi 15,056 Reputation points

    Tokens can expire or become invalid for various reasons. Try refreshing or regenerating the access token used for authentication. Verify that the application has the correct scopes or permissions set when requesting a new token.

    The error message mentions an incorrect audience URL. Double-check the endpoint URL you're using to make sure it matches the expected audience URL.

    If it is not working, you may need to upscale it to the support team.