Why cannot MS fix VS so that it does not screw me up all the time

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Severity Code Description Project File Line Suppression State

Error NU1605 Warning As Error: Detected package downgrade: Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Compatibility from 8.0.14 to 8.0.6. Reference the package directly from the project to select a different version.

NHLMaui -> CommunityToolkit.Maui 8.0.0 -> Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Compatibility (>= 8.0.14)

NHLMaui -> Microsoft.Maui.Controls.Compatibility (>= 8.0.6) NHLMaui C:\VisualStudioProjectsDotNet8\NHLMaui\NHLMaui\NHLMaui.csproj 1

Just did the update of NuGet packages , it was just MS packages and got the above so now my project is done/screwed/not usable .

How do I fix this other than getting rid of MS and VS?

And further, so as a result of this I have to get rid of all calls for IsSoftKeyboardShowing and this should be easy but VS decides that the search dialogue needs to change where I am looking. I do the first search and it finds it. I select a couple of lines to comment and then I do F3 with dialogue open. It doesn't find anything but I know that it exists in a bunch of places. VS decided that searching the project (MY DESIRE AND DIALOGUE SETTING) should be changed to Selection. Thanks VS NOT

And further , since I kept VS open during a Windows sleep overnight every second test gives a load XAML error. Does MS even care about how poor VS is? Perhaps when saying yes you could answer why when looking for properties of an element from XAML you often have to click it twice to get UI to show properties. If I was given time to do a full QA on VS I would have quite the list of problems for MS to fix.

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