How to change the titlebar menu style to Windows 11 style

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    You could implement a context menu similar to the one used in Windows 11 desktop or Edge browser in your WPF program. However, you will need to create a custom context menu with appropriate styles and behaviors to match the desired appearance and functionality.

    Here are the general steps you can follow to implement a custom context menu in your WPF program:

    Define the ContextMenu Resources: Define the styles and templates for your custom context menu in your XAML resources. such as background color, border style, font size, etc., to match the Windows 11 style.

    Create the ContextMenu: Add a ContextMenu element to your XAML file and apply the custom styles and templates defined in the resources.

    Attach ContextMenu to UI Elements: Attach the custom context menu to the UI elements in your WPF program where you want the context menu to appear.

    Handle ContextMenu Events: Handle any events or commands associated with the context menu items.

        <ContextMenu x:Key="CustomContextMenu" Style="{StaticResource CustomContextMenuStyle}">
            <MenuItem Header="Item 1" Command="{Binding Item1Command}" />
            <MenuItem Header="Item 2" Command="{Binding Item2Command}" />
            <!-- Add more menu items as needed -->
        <Style x:Key="CustomContextMenuStyle" TargetType="ContextMenu">
            <!-- Define custom styles for the context menu -->
        <!-- UI elements where the context menu will appear -->
        <Button Content="Right Click Me">
                <StaticResource ResourceKey="CustomContextMenu" />
        <!-- Add more UI elements as needed -->

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