PDB file contains wrong file path

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I was building the SmartStore application: https://github.com/smartstore/SmartStoreNETin debug mode to generate pdb files.

The pdb file generated contains wrong file name


real path: src/Libraries/SmartStore.Core/Collections/MultiMap.cs

path in pdb: src/Libraries/SmartStore.Core/Collections/Multimap.cs

Only one letter from the file name has changed its case to small, 'm' in MultiMap.cs

This have occured for multiple files i.e one letter changing its case(Captial to small case in file name).

Attaching csv two csv file:

files from pdb: cs_file_list_from_pdb.txt

files from folder: cs_file_list_from_folder.txt

if a diff is done between these files, MultiMap.cs shows up User's imagepdb with issue: SmartStore.Core.pdb

Visual studio version 2022

MSbuild version: MSBuild version 17.7.2+d6990bcfa for .NET Framework

MSBuild arguments:

/p:Configuration=Debug /p:SlnName=SmartStoreNET /m /p:DebugSymbols=true /p:DebugType=full
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    In most cases Windows file system is case-insensitive. As described at Naming Files, Paths, and Namespaces "Do not assume case sensitivity. For example, consider the names OSCAR, Oscar, and oscar to be the same, even though some file systems (such as a POSIX-compliant file system) may consider them as different. Note that NTFS supports POSIX semantics for case sensitivity but this is not the default behavior."

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