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I want to move some VM and some other azure resources such as private endpoint, sql server to another resource group.

There will be downtime when we move the resources across resource group?

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Azure Virtual Machines
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Azure Resource Mover
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    Hello, @Handian Sudianto !

    Will there be downtime if I move my Azure VM and other resources to another resource group?

    The resources in your source group and the target group will be locked during the move operation, however it doesn't mean that the resources are frozen. Looking at an Azure SQL logical server as an example, the databases and other dependent resources will experience no downtime as the move only moves the resources to a new resource group or subscription and does not change the location of the resource:

    Both the source group and the target group are locked during the move operation. Write and delete operations are blocked on the resource groups until the move completes. This lock means you can't add, update, or delete resources in the resource groups. It doesn't mean the resources are frozen. For example, if you move an Azure SQL logical server, its databases and other dependent resources to a new resource group or subscription, applications that use the databases experience no downtime. They can still read and write to the databases. The lock can last for a maximum of four hours, but most moves complete in much less time. If your move requires setting up new dependent resources, you'll experience an interruption in those services until they've been reconfigured. Moving a resource only moves it to a new resource group or subscription. It doesn't change the location of the resource.

    Still, it's always a good idea to do this during a low traffic time to ensure that you have some room to account for any oversights or unexpected challenges that may present themselves.

    Note that moving between resource groups is different than moving between regions (read more about moving resources across regions).

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