How do you get ADF to remember your date & time format settings in Chrome?

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Since being forced to switch from Opera to Chrome, I have to tell ADF again, every single day, that I need my dates in UK format.

How to make it stick?

It's only in Chrome this is a problem, and yes Language and Region settings in the browser are set to UK, as is the OS, and all cookies are enabled. Not using Incognito.

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    Thanks for reaching out to Microsoft Q&A.

    There are a couple of possibilities why Chrome isn't remembering your UK date format preference for ADF even though your system settings are set correctly. Here are some things you can try:

    Focus on Chrome: Since Microsoft confirmed ADF ignores Azure account region, it points towards Chrome's behavior. Double down on the suggestions from before, particularly:

    • Scrutinize Chrome Settings: Look for any hidden date format options within Chrome settings. Search for keywords like "date format" or "locale" in the settings menu.
    • Test a Different Profile:  Create a new Chrome profile and see if the date format issue persists there. This helps isolate if corrupted settings in your current profile are causing the problem.
    1. Investigate Chrome Flags (Advanced): Chrome has experimental features hidden behind "flags". Search for "chrome://flags" in your address bar. Look for flags mentioning "date format" or "locale" (proceed with caution when enabling flags, they might cause unexpected behavior).
    2. Clear Chrome Cache and Cookies (Targeted Approach): While you mentioned cookies are enabled, try clearing them specifically for ADF related sites. This might remove any conflicting settings stored locally.  Important: This will log you out of any websites you're currently signed into.
    3. Check for Chrome Extensions: Some browser extensions can interfere with website settings. Try temporarily disabling extensions to see if one is causing the issue.
    4. Reset Chrome Settings: If none of the above work, consider resetting Chrome settings to their defaults. This will erase any custom configurations that might be causing the problem. Be aware that this will also reset other settings like your homepage and search engine.

    Hope this helps. Do let us know if you any further queries.

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