How can I take the messages on another user mailbox by using graph api?

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Good Day,

By graph-api has very limited source for the developers to improve scripting capability on mainly microsoft env. tools. Let me know please how can I list not only mine as an admin other person messages, in mailbox.

Logic, is working to take the folder name but somehow graph.user_client.users.by_user_id(x).mail_folders.get() which x is the userId (other person's), is not working properly. After I manage to take the foldername I believe the code "graph.user_client.users.by_user_id(x).mail_folders.by_mail_folder_id('inbox').messages.get()" will work to take the messages. because today I'm taking error below for that code.

Or let me know if there s any other way to list the messages from specific person box.

My main purpose actually on-prem version messagetrackinglog was working fine for it but on cloud (exchange online) part no such command or helping function (only for last 90 days and not detailed like messagetrackinglog) is offered like messagetrace etc.

So, MS Client offer me to use graph but I couldn't find a proper documentation (mainly basic ones) to explain me what is the logic.

Thank you,

        Code: 404
        message: None
        error: MainError(additional_data={}, code='ErrorItemNotFound', details=None, inner_error=None, message='The specified object was not found in the store., Default folder Inbox not found.', target=None)
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    To access messages from another user's mailbox using the Microsoft Graph API, you need to have the appropriate permissions set up.

    Here's a general overview of the process:

    1. Obtain Authorization: Ensure that your app has the necessary permissions to access mail data. This can be either delegated permissions (on behalf of a user) or application permissions (without a user being present). For accessing another user's mailbox, application permissions are typically required.
    2. Use the Mail API: With the correct permissions, you can use the Mail API to access messages. Messages are organized in a mailFolder, and each message and folder is identified by a unique ID. You can perform GET operations to retrieve these IDs
    3. Fetching Messages: To fetch emails from a shared mailbox or another user's inbox, you can use endpoints like List Messages to retrieve a list of messages and Get Message to retrieve specific messages. Ensure that you have the necessary authentication to access the mailbox. (
    4. Handling Throttling: Be aware that if you're trying to load a large volume of email, you may encounter throttling issues. It's important to handle these appropriately to avoid disrupting service.

    For detailed steps and code examples, you can refer to the Microsoft Graph documentation and resources provided in the search results. Remember, handling user data requires careful consideration of privacy and security best practices.

    Hope this helps.

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